Our Mission — Revive Thrift

When you shop at Revive, you support people in need in our city. Revive's nonprofit parent company, Mission: St. Louis, is empowering people to break the cycle of poverty.Mission: St. Louis has been building relationships with people in our city since 2006. We've learned that what people need most is opportunity. When equipped with skills and given access to opportunity, people are able to transform their lives, families, and ultimately our city.

It starts with employment. Work stabilizes a family and provides purpose. The Beyond Jobs initiative of Mission: St. Louis consists of programs that equip people with whatever they need to access employment. From Job & Leadership Training, to an employment agency called Hire St. Louis, to our very own Revive Thrift Shop, Beyond Jobs programs empower people to become leaders in their workplaces, families and communities. 

We want to break the cycle of poverty for today's youth too. Our Beyond School program is an expanded learning opportunity that is embedded in the local school. Through a four-part approach: (1) Intensive, individualized academic instruction, (2) Social-emotional coaching, (3) Community engagement and (4) Enrichment opportunities, Beyond School is getting youth back on track toward graduating high school. 

Through these multi-generational programs, Mission: St. Louis is changing the trajectory of our city, one person and one family at a time. Learn more by clicking the logo below.By donating, shopping or volunteering at Revive, you are impacting our city.

Thank you!