Australia magnificence with cruelty-free affirmations

Figured with 100% regular trimmings, Butt Naked is made by Aussie women with motivation to not harm the environment or its animals all through their sourcing, making and amassing measures.

cruelty free

Each thing is expected to improve your skin with the most magnificent trimmings and crucial enhancements, ensuring food, hydration and all 'round incredible vibes for you and your skin without harming the planet in any way.

With the confidence in being kinder from paw print to impression, Butt Naked is satisfied to parade things free from animal surmised trimmings and palm oil. As a result of the destructive effects achieved by the deforestation and formation of palm oil, and in this way to Orangutan conditions, Butt Naked has always been a palm oil free zone yet has now officially become guaranteed palm oil free by The Orangutan Alliance.

cruelty free

Instead of using palm oil or a sensible palm oil (there's still no confirmation it's being sourced in an ethical way), Butt Naked chooses to use coconut oil and brassica oil to imitate the effect of customary palm oil, the two of which are 100% unadulterated and normal.

The essential push to end up being officially ensured comes from Butt Naked's hankering to get directly to the point with purchasers on how a thing is made to what specifically it's packaged in, giving a more perceptive and good strategy for searching for skincare .

By naming themselves as palm oil free, this association can help with uncovering issues of the upsetting issues going up against the environment and its tenants due to absurd palm oil creation while at the same time propelling good different alternatives.

The warmth for bristly buddies and the need to do right by them taking everything together points drives Butt Naked so much that they furthermore give 5%, things being what they are, to the Melbourne no-butcher animal cover, Save-A-Dog Scheme which is also known as cruelty-free scheme.

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