40 bags in 40 days

Who is ready to simplify their life, and their home?

Spring cleaning is a time of year that everyone either loves or hates. The thought of tackling that overflowing closet or those basements/attics that haven’t been sorted through in months or years can seem incredibly daunting. We like simplicity here at Revive Thrift Shop, and we want to help those with more “hoarding” style tendencies.

We found this amazing spring cleaning event on a blog called White House Black Shutters. It’s a major de-cluttering movement that coincides with Lent every year! Check out their page and learn more about how you can “Decrapify” your house.

Ready for the rules?

The rules are very simple. Pick one area of your house every day of Lent, except Sunday’s, and fill one bag to remove from your house. That’s right just one bag!

The size of the bag doesn’t matter and what fills the bag doesn’t matter. It can be trash or donation worthy items. It can be a large trash bag or a Walmart bag. All that matters is that you get those unnecessary items out of your space!

They even count furniture as a “bag”, and we pick up!

We can’t wait to start on February 18th and clean out our houses until Easter Sunday, April 5th! We hope you take part in this amazing event and consider us for your donations.

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