Looking for stylish and affordable menswear? Here’s a taste of what awaits you at Revive. Visit us in store to shop our current mix of jerseys, jackets, sneakers and more.

Did we mention that some of our clothing is brand new donated from New York and L.A. design houses? We didn't? Oh, well that's one more reason for you to visit us on Vandeventer and #shopitforward today!


We Value Discovery

We don't like being bored or stuck in a rut, and we bet you don't either. We love discovering new ways to use things, discovering more about ourselves and discovering cool aspects of our city. At Revive, we want to impart a sense of wonder and  offer ways to explore new interests and ideas.

We Value Inspiration

Inspiration, optimism and hope go hand-in-hand. Inspiration is fuel for the soul. At Revive, we have beautiful displays and merchandise that fits your interests and desires, fueling your passions.

We Value Restoration

Old can be made new, and both people and things can be restored. At Revive, we show how clothing, furniture and home items can be reinvented and given new life. Far beyond that, we support people who are reinventing themselves, transforming their lives by breaking free of poverty. At Revive, we provide retail job training, teaching good work habits and transferable skills to Mission: St. Louis' Job & Leadership Training students. 

Revive Thrift Shop

We are a nonprofit store providing an affordable shopping experience that supports Mission: St. Louis in empowering people to transform their neighborhoods. Along with affordable prices, our urban- industrial environment will provide you with a shopping experience unlike any thrift store.

What makes us different?

We empower people!

Revive Thrift Shop serves as a host site for interns from the Mission: St. Louis

The Job and Leadership program empowers at-risk men, ages 18-35 with skills to become leaders in their workplace, community and families. During each Job and Leadership training session, 5-7 interns will receive training at Revive Thrift Shop. That training will include basic job skills of keeping a work schedule and interacting with co-workers, running the cash register and interacting with customers.

Additionally, several of our Job Training Interns benefit from our partnership with Anew Nature as they learning basic tool skills. Anew Nature is a small business, which takes old, broken and ugly furniture and make it into something new, beautiful, functional and loveable. Anew Nature is located in a workshop INSIDE Revive Thrift Store. You can even watch their team work through a large window.

Projects completed by our Job and Leadership Training interns will be sold in our store when they are REVIVED.

All proceeds from Revive Thrift Shop benefit Mission: St. Louis.


2202 S. Vandeventer Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110



Want to see positive changes made in St. Louis? Volunteer at Revive Thrift Shop!

All profits from Revive help fund programs run by Mission: St. Louis which benefit children living in poverty and provide men in our community with job and leadership training skills. Volunteers are essential to keeping the store’s overhead costs down which means that more kids reach their reading level goals and more men can become leaders in the workforce, in their families and in their communities. Training will be provided for volunteers, and we are located in the charming, historic Shaw neighborhood.

Volunteers who do not need volunteer hours for school, social group or any other mandated requirement will receive $2 an hour in store credit for each hour they volunteer!

Revive is looking for a few more volunteers to get involved either in store or online. If you are interested in our mission and want to serve with us, start by filling out the volunteer application here. 


Revive Your Closet, Home and City.

Revive relies on your generosity. We will happily accept donations of gently used clothing, furniture and home goods. Donations can be dropped off any time the store is open (10 am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday and 12 pm-5 pm on Sunday). Your donations are tax-deductible, and we will provide you with a tax receipt.

For larger furniture items (i.e couches, dining room tables, large dressers), we do pick-ups! Items must be in good condition with no major stains, scratches or other significant damage. Call today (314-776-7520) to schedule a pick-up.

Sip and Shop

Remember the scene from Sweet Home Alabama when Patrick Dempsey’s character takes Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) to Tiffany’s after-hours and instructs her to pick out her engagement ring? Who wouldn’t love a private, personalized shopping experience?

Well, we can’t close down Tiffany’s for you, but we can offer you and a group of friends a private after-hours shopping party here at Revive! We’ve got the wine, the fabulous selection of items and the perfect relaxing ambience- all you need to bring are the friends! To learn more about hosting an event at Revive, email us at .